Take Care of Your Car's Brakes for a Smoother Ride

At  CAR TECH we ask you why you think certain services are needed. When you come in, we may ask questions on why you need a certain service. We do this to help determine what type of service your vehicle really needs. For example: your car's steering wheel vibrates when you apply the brakes. Many times the problem is not wheel balance or wheel alignment, but you may need to have your brakes checked.

Brake rotors must be smooth, clean and flat to provide optimum braking. If the finish is too rough, scarred, warped or glazed, the pads are going to chatter and vibrate every time they make contact with the brake rotor. And if the brake rotor is worn too thin (especially un-vented rotors), the reduced mass of the metal will be less able to dampen the normal vibration of the braking as well as dissipate heat. So if the rotors are not in A-1 condition, they should be resurfaced. Most cars have rotors on the front wheels with rear brake drums. More and more cars are being manufactured with four-wheel disks as standard or optional equipment. Once the rotors are resurfaced, steering wheel vibration will be eliminated when the brakes are applied.

How Can I Avoid Costly Brake Repairs

When you come to CAR TECH we make sure your brake fluid system is full. If not full, this can cause a spongy pedal or make the pedal feel low. At every service, whether it is a simple tire rotation, oil change or flat repair, we check you brakes. Some brake pads and shoes are equipped with spring line clips that begin to rub on the rotor disc or drum when the pad or shoe nears the end of it's life. If you hear a squeaking or scratching noise coming from a wheel when you step on the brakes have one of our ASE Certified Technicians check it out, before the pad or shoe gouges a grove in the disc or drum, causing damage and causing much higher repair costs. A few simple habits can enhance the life of your brakes:

Don't "ride the brakes". A slight and constant pressure causes premature wear.
Don't use your left foot to brake a car with an automatic transmission. You're more likely to ride the brakes.
Consider flushing the hydraulic system to eliminate sediment and residue every one to two years.